Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Our next Pillars of Care Assembly is this Friday at 8:15 in the gym.

Our winners, who where nominated and chosen by their peers in Room 15, are:

Care for Self: Jacky
Care for Others: Amrit
Care for Place: Sophia
Care for Learning: London

Thank you for your positive attitude and contributions to our learning community.

Today's Learning Targets in Grade 6 in a Nutshell

1) Math:
Determine area and perimeter of rectangles and squares with one unknown side or from a given perimeter/ area.

2) Science:
Design and test model helicopters. Fly your helicopter into a target area and make changes to the rotors to keep it in the air the longest.

3) LA:
Connect ideas in paragraphs and organize a news article effectively by using the ice-cream format, including quotes and supportive details.

4) Novel Study:
Read Chapter 6 and discuss/answer questions about the main character's changes in appearance and personality.

Below is a message from our Admin Assistant Mrs. Cumming in regards to BHS's Punctuality Awards:
One of our current focuses at Beddington Heights is improving the number of students who arrive at school on time in the morning. In December we introduced the "Punctuality Award" at our monthly Pillars of Care assembly to recognize students who have arrived on time every day that month. We also made a promise that if our students' punctuality improved we would celebrate with a movie. We are pleased to say that we have seen an overall improvement and will be holding our first movie session tomorrow (Thursday, February 22) during lunchtime. Students that normally go home for lunch are welcome to bring their lunch and stay with their classmates to enjoy the show.
Corey Cumming
Admin Assistant, Beddington Heights School


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back after our short Teacher's Convention and Family Day break.

This Friday is our Feburary Pillars of Care Assembly.
Our class winners will be announced in Thursday's Blog.
Science Unit Quiz on Aerodynamics next week (most likely on Friday March 2nd).

Social Studies:
Today we had the Honourable Member of our Legislative Assembly, Karen McPherson, talking to our students about her work as representative for Beddington and surrounding neighborhoods in the provincial assembly.
We learnt that she has her office in the Co-Op Mall in Beddington and works Monday to Thursday out of Edmonton to attend meetings and debate sessions in the Legislative Assembly.
Students asked meaningful questions and demonstrated great listening skills during her presentation.
It was great to see politics come to life in our classrooms.

More updates on other subject areas to follow shortly.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The next school day is Tuesday - February, 20th.

Outdoor School

Please make arrangements to pay the Outdoor School fee of $271:
a) either online through your CBE account
b) directly in our office
c) using the subsidy forms (I sent home copies with all students today)
Should you require another form, please contact me personally and I can email it to you.

Also, if your child is not attending outdoor school, please let us know as soon as possible,
as we need to finalize the application and pay the deposit to the YMCA.

Below are the notes of yesterday's meeting with Chris Schmid, Outdoor School Coordinator.

Camp Chief Hector Outdoor School Meeting Notes
25 minute presentation (Chris Schmid)

Eco school activities and games
·     Site located below lookout mountain
·     Features outdoor games such as predator prey (large tag game in the forest with students acting as predators, prey or humans) and wilderness exploration site.
·     Entire site has a border so students understand where the edge of the site.
·     Outdoor activities, information on nature and exploration.
·     Exploration Day Hike- Students head out with counselor hiking throught the forest. Counselors have bear spray and first aid equipment
·     Music and Drama- fun and relax time doing songs and skits
·     ECOnomy game- students divide into provinces and explore budgets and spending within an economy.
·     Classroom time to check in with teachers
·     Evening campfire and night walk to star gaze
Be Prepared
·     Pack warm: toque, hat, layers,
·     Will be indoor for sleeping so heavy-duty sleeping bag not required. Only medium sleeping bag necessary (or sheets and blankets)
·     Bring swimsuits for showers on site for all students
·     Flashlight
·     Water bottle
·     Extra socks and footwear
·     Backpack and pencil case
·     Lunch bag for day hike
Leave at home
·     Jewelry/valuables
·     Video games, cell phones, i pods, mp3’s
·     Money
·     Extra snacks
·     Camping equipment
·     Unstable footwear
·     Body sprays and perfumes
·     Gluten free, nut free, lactose free accommodations
·     Eat at 8:30, 12:30 and 5:30
·     Students eat in activity groups, sing song of thanks, 10 seconds of silence.
·     Halal and Kosher diets must be okay with vegetarian diet. Outdoor school cannot accommodate otherwise.
·     All staff members are certified, have first aid, and have vulnerable sector checks
·     All medicine must be given to teachers when they are ready to leave on the trip.
·     All medicine must be in original packaging. If not, it cannot be brought
·     Students are not allowed to carry their own medicine
·     Asthma inhalers, epipens are okay for students to carry
·     In case of emergency, 911 will be called
·     Transportation provided by southland transportation. Students will be back to school by 2:00 on the closing day.
·     Students are encouraged to drink lots of water and eat well while on the

·     Heated dorm rooms with bunk beds
·     Counsilor supervision
·     Washroom facilities with stall showers
·     Laundry facilities

Monday, 12 February 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Tomorrow is the mandatory outdoor school meeting from 5:30-6:30 in Room 19.
Please ensure you come at least for part of the meeting (as students told me about their obligations in various clubs and sports) or make alternate arrangements with me to  be updated.

Please also note:
This week is Teacher's Convention and no school will take place on Thursday and Friday (15th & 16th).

Wednesday is the last chance to order a sub for our subway lunch on the 28th!

In the subject areas students are currently working on these learning objectives:

I can statements:

MA: I can determine the perimeter and area of rectangles and polygons (and determine the measurement of some unknown sides).

LA/Writing : I can analyze the language, format and content of a news article.

SCI: I can explain how an aircraft is controlled in flight.

SOC: I understand the structure of our provincial government.

LIT:   I can understand crucial information and find supportive details in novels to answer questions, use prior knowledge and make personal /  text to world connections while reading our novel study book "The Breadwinner"

Have a great start into the week!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians,

1) Next Tuesday: Feb. 13th at 5:30pm  Outdoor School Meeting
2) Valentine's Dance tomorrow at 6-8 pm
3) No school on February 15,16,19th (Teachers' Convention and Family Day).

Science Updates:

Below I have posted some of the final aerodynamics and forces of flight projects.
Ask your child about their mark within the next few days, as I will be checking them one by one.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Valentine's Dance this Thursday, February 8th from 6-8pm
Subway Lunch Forms for our upcoming lunch were sent home today
Note about Outdoor School Meeting on February => See Below!

Dear grade 6 parents/guardians,

There will be an information session that you must attend for your child to be able to go about YMCA Camp Chief Hector outdoor educational school trip.
If you are unable to attend that night, please set up an alternative date to meet with the classroom teacher.

Who: Parents/Guardians & Teachers/Admin

Where: Room 19, Beddington Heights School

When: 5:30-6:30pm, Tuesday, February 13th 2018

Date of Trip: March 19th - 22nd

Extra information:

Cost: $271, payable to "My CBE Account"
Families need to qualify for subsidy and the school cannot afford to pay for kids to go. Maximum subsidy still requires families pay 30% ($81) – see link below:

We hope you can make it out and are looking forward to providing your child with an incredible learning experience! We will post a summary of the information to the school blogs.


BHS Grade 6 team:
Mr. Shackelton
Mr. Mueller
Mr. Lancee


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Monday, 5 February 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Thanks for continuing to read our blog and talking about the learning we do in class with your children at home.

Feb 6th - Science Project Aerodynamics is due tomorrow
Feb. 8th - Valentine's Dance at BHS from 6-8pm
Feb. 15 -16th - Teachers' Convention - No school for students
Feb. 19th - Family Day

In LA we are continuing our exploration of news article writing.
This week, our focus is on analyzing the language, phrases, words
and grammatical features commonly used in news articles.
A great website we are using in class is Teaching Kids News.

Novel Study

In the afternoon we are trying to embark on a journey to
Afghanistan during our novel study project.
So far we have learnt about Parvana, a young, 12-year old girl,
who lives with her family in Kabul during the reign of the Taliban.
Each chapter, we answer questions and discuss our understanding of
the life in war times, culture of the region and personal struggles, Parvana has to overcome.

This week, we are reading chapters 2-4 in class/at home.

Every child in my class has their own copy of the book which they
can take home to read chapters again.

Have a great start into the new week!

P. Mueller

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Thursday's Tales of Teaching

LA - News Article Writing Unit
Tomorrow morning is the last day my students will be writing their
FairyTale News Articles about Crime Scenes in the FairyTale Forest during class time.
Please check in with your son/daughter if they are on track of
completing this task. I would like to start marking the articles over
the weekend. If not, I encouraged them to take their work home today and
add the remaining paragraphs.

Most students did well during our recent ratio quiz.
I will share the results with my class tomorrow.
Today we started our new unit: Area and Perimeter

Social Studies
This week we finished reviewing the electoral process and are currently learning about
the departments of our provincial government.

Our aerodynamics and flight posters/ magazines are due next Tuesday.
I can't wait to take a closer look at the amazing posters some of our students created.
Encourage your child to do some work at home, if their projects are less than 75% completed.
We will only work on them for one more day.


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Important Reminders:
Tomorrow is our field trip to the Aerospace Museum.
Ensure your child is bringing a lunch and a water bottle on the field trip.

Novel Study: The Breadwinner
In LA, we have started our novel study unit.
We are reading The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis.

The Novel Study is part of our LA literacy program, which means that there
are a few tasks for our students to do while reading. Most of the tasks will be done in class.
However, there might be homework in regards to finishing up work or assigned
chapters and chapter questions.

Example of tasks:

1. Create a title page for your novel study notes

2. Answer chapter questions (must-should-could) It will be marked!

3. Visual journaling / character description

4. Summary

5. Reading of chapters (e.g. read chapter 8 until This-day)

6. Reading quiz


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Monday, 29 January 2018

Mueller's Monday Message

Field Trip this Wednesday to the Flight Museum. We have almost all forms and $10 in!
Tomorrow is "Beddington's Reading Day" - Your child is invited to dress up as their
favorite book character.

Today we had a short grammar quiz about using indirect speech.
We also created a bookshelf with all of our favorite novels or magazines to celebrate
Reading Day tomorrow.

Students have been working on their Aerodynamics Projects in class.
For more information check previous January blogs.
The due date for room 15 is next week on Tuesday, February 6th.

Tomorrow we will have our ratio assessment, which has been postponed from last week.
Later this week we will explore area and perimeter of rectangles and squares.

In the past week, teachers and school administration had to deal with a few incidents of cyberbullying among Grade 6 students.
Today we reviewed our Digital Citizenship Contracts and discussed the consequences of (cyber-)bullying for victims and bullies.
In our Digital Citizenship contracts, students pledged to "use kind words" and demonstrate a responsible use
of modern communication technology.
As part of a Health lesson, I reviewed sections of the texts of the link which is posted below.

Please take the time to talk and discuss this issue with your children at home, as well.


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

'Wednesday's Words of Wisdom'

Using words with a repeating beginning letter (in this case W)
is called an alliteration.

Return and sign/fill in (all pages) of the field trip form (fee $10)

Tomorrow are our student-led conferences.
Today a note was sent home to explain how to sign up.
In short there are three time slots to choose from:




1) Please sign up by visiting our school website and clicking on the "My CBE account" icon.
2) Sign in with your CBE login and password.
3) From the menu select "Conferences"
4) Select "student led conferences"
5) Then select your child(ren)'s teacher(s)
6) Choose a time slot

This will help avoid long wait times when visiting your child's classroom.

Topics in our 4 main subject areas tomorrow:

Math: Basic math facts assessment
LA: Quotations - direct vs indirect speech
SCI: Flight Adaptations and Forces Inquiry project
SOC: Provincial Government Structure and Election process

Link to Science video:

Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians

Return signed field trip forms and $10(program fees & bussing)
Student-led conferences this Thursday from 6:30-8:30

For the upcoming student-led conferences, we have a lot of hands-on and skill-based learning activities planned.
Please join us and see your child apply what he/she learnt in class.
In Grade 6 we have:
Social Studies - Provincial Government Task
Math - PAT questions
Science - Knowledge Quiz on Air & Aerodynamics
Science - Properties of Air experiment stations
LA - News Article Quotation station

For the time capsule project, which we will present on our Documentation of Learning Board, we are working
on our news articles about important events and trends of 2017.
Some students need to catch up on their rough copy of their article.
They must be completed by Thursday morning.


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom Our next Pillars of Care Assembly is this Friday at 8:15 in the gym. Our winners, who where nominate...